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We regret to inform you that Aymanie is currently not accepting new clients for loc maintenance services (only establishments and styling appointments), but we welcome you to be a part of our growing community. We offer various resources to help you with your locs, including a self-retightening class where you can learn how to maintain your locs on your own (taught by Aymanie). Alternatively, you can work with one of our Certified Holistic Locticians, who have completed a rigorous 7-day intensive training course and additional extended training. These locticians are not only trained in the technique of locking, but they also provide a holistic experience, where they are mindful and conscious of their thoughts, words, and actions. They prioritize their well-being and continue to do so throughout their careers as locticians. Additionally, they focus on building their businesses on a foundation of integrity. To learn more about the course that our locticians have graduated from, please visit

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Work with one of Aymanie's Certified Holistic Locticians

Akeemah of Tru North Locistry

Korin of Lovingly Crafted Locs

Tanisha of Freedom and Ease

Dawn of Locking Granny (Coming soon)

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