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Sunday, November 28th - Sunday, December 5th

Loc Styling

Classes (Clients)

Learn how to create quick styles on your own locs. Participants will receive (3) styling sessions. Sessions can be held virtually or in person at my private studio space located in Windsor, CT.

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Loc Styling

Classes (Locticians)

It's time to add loc styles to your service menu. During our 3 hour session, you will learn styling techniques that will serve as building blocks for more intricate styles. You are encouraged to secure 4 loc models for your styling class.  Photos/video clips will be captured for your  marketing purposes. Styling tools will be provided.

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Loc Styling


Purchase your Styling Plan to lock in 2021 rates & discounts. 

Monthly Styling  Plan

12 appointments per year 

$300 for Updos 

$400 for Curl Sets 

Bi-Monthly Styling Plan

6 appointments per year

$180 for Updos 

$240 for Curl Sets 

2022 Rates 

$35 for Updos

$45 for Curl Sets


Self Retightening Classes 

During the COVID pandemic last year, the integrity of many locs was comprised. Some didn't realize that having the ability to retighten weak locs would have made the difference. 

Taking this class will provide you with the necessary skill set to reinforce questionable locs in between retightening visits. The self-retightening class is offered virtually and in person at my private studio space in Windsor, CT.


Includes 1-on-1 instruction, tools, 6 months of support, and a complimentary loc styling class session.

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