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Virtual 1 on 1 Retightening Class

The trusted self-maintenance solution

I don’t know the first step in maintaining my locs.
(You don’t have to know everything.)


My hair is going to be a mess once I see my stylist again. Ugh!
(You have options to keep your hair maintained.)


I think I’ll have to cut my locs off and start from scratch.
(Put the scissors down.  You don’t have to cut anything off.)


I want my stylist back.

(Soon enough, sis)


This is what a virtual 1-on-1 retighening class is for:


A Virtual 1-on-1 Interlocking Retightening class teaches you the tried and true techniques to care for your locs when you can’t visit your trusted loctician.


Thank You!!!

I appreciate you taking the time out to teach me how to retightening my locs during this statewide shutdown. Don't get too comfortable, I'm coming back.


I was overwhelmed when I learned about your salon closing due to the Coronavirus shutdown. I was so nervous that my grid and locs would be compromised. Thank you for teaching me how to retightening my locs. I'll see you when the shutdown is over.

I don’t know.  I can’t imagine retightening all of this hair on my own.

(You’re not alone.  And, you can definitely do it with the right guidance)

I'm so proud of myself. I have over 500 locks, but once I got the rhythm, it was easy. Thank you for teaching me how to retighten my locs. 

-Took me 18 hours to complete my entire head-

Before Class

During Class

After Class

Here’s the deal:


  • You’ve invested your time and money on your locs

  • Your hair care can’t wait

  • You deserve to protect your investments

  • You’ve chosen your stylist because of the care and the information that she gives you

Your loctician has partnered with Aymanie Nelson, and company, to provide you with the information and tools you need to maintain your hair during this mandatory salon shutdown.


As part of the locking client community, your needs are of the utmost importance.  We lift each other up.

When you schedule your Virtual 1-on-1 Interlocking Retightening class, you’ll:

  1. Acquire the skills that will allow you to maintain your locs correctly

  2. Learn how to use the appropriate locking pattern for your hair

  3. Receive 1-on-1 instruction in realtime from a qualified loctician

  4. Have the option to have a 30-minute in-person retightening instructional recap session


Maintain your hair and save yourself (and your consultant) time when you schedule your next appointment by scheduling your Virtual 1-on-1 Retightening Class. 

  • What is the minimum amount of money that I can invest?
    You can invest as little as $500.00.
  • Can I invest more that the minimum?
    Yes. You can invest as much as $10,000.00.
  • How much interest will I collect on my investment/loan?
    You will receive a 25% return on your investment. For example: $500.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($125.00) $600.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($150.00) $700.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($175.00) $800.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($200.00) $900.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($200.00) $1,000.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($250.00) and so on...
  • When will I receive my return (invested amount + interest)?
    You will receive your return 5 months from the date that you submitted payment.
  • Is my investment/loan guaranteed?
    Yes. This is a safe investment as I will back it personally. I (Aymanie) am fully prepared to withdraw money from my retirement fund to make good on your investment.
  • What is my investment/loan going towards?
    Your investment will be going towards a real estate venture that I will be doing with my dad who has been buying and flipping houses for several years.
  • Will I receive a reciept?
    Yes. We both will sign a contract as well.
  • Will there be other opportunities to invest?
    There will be other opportunities to invest. If you would like to receive notification be sure to subscribe to the mailing list. Note: We will first go to past investors before sharing opportunities with individuals on our mailing list.
  • I'm interested, what is next?"
    Email me ( the below details and let me know when you are available to meet to submit payment or click the "Invest Now" link. Subject: Investment Opportunity with Aymanie Include the amount you'd like to invest.
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