The Ultimate VIP Sisterlock Experience


Connecticut's highly popular and sought-after Certified Sisterlock Consultant Aymanie Nelson, is now accepting new Sisterlock and Microloc/Interlock clients. Up until recently she was booked solid but has expanded her calendar to accept new clients.

MY VIP experience with Aymanie Nelson was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Not only is Aymanie an expert at her craft, she's also a beam of positivity that radiates from her friendly smile, into her fingers, that does the intricate process of interlocking sisterlocks. 

So many wonderful, calming and personal surprises are in store for you with the VIP experience.  I recommend it a thousand times over,  with your installation of your new hair journey.


- Francine Roberts 


Wrap-A-Loc Tools

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair tool and technique that creates tight spiral curls on all hair textures.

The tool can be worn in the hair as a style when applied with water or setting lotion. 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with the Wrap-A-Loc brand.

The below video is a nice overview of what you would expect if you were to receive services from Aymanie Nelson. There have been a few changes since the recording of this video (salon name, pricing and the creation of The Ultimate VIP Experience).

Update! The cost recorded in the video is no longer accurate. The updated cost is documented in the details below. 

Essential Oils
-Scent Your Locs-

Frequently asked questions

What is The Ultimate VIP Experience?

Not only has Aymanie been known to slay the Sisterlock Grid, but many rave about the experience they received during their installation/establishment appointment. It is her mission to create an experience for all of those who sit in her chair. She has always said when people ask "who did your Sisterlocks" she wants her clients to light up as they recall the complete pampering experience that begun their amazing Sisterlock journey. The Utlimate VIP Experience is an add-on to your Sisterlock Installation/Establishment and is designed to enhance your experience, leaving a lasting impression.

What does The Ultimate VIP Experience include?

The Ultimate VIP Experience is a signature packaged offered exclusively to clients of RYL Locking Studio. We are unable to share all of the amazing details of this experience. Why? To be honest, the look on your face as things are revealed throughout your installation... PRICELESS. The experience wouldn't be the same if we revealed everything. What we can share is that food will be provided.

What is the cost for The Ultimate VIP Experience?

2020 Prices: Sisterlocks Installations/Establishments are priced at *$1300 (up to 6" of growth). The Ultimate VIP Experience is priced at $300. Sisterloock Installation/Establishment $1300 + Ultimate VIP Experience $300 = $1,600. *The cost may increase slightly if the client has a significant amount of hair. Note: In the event you are not able to book with me, I have a few options: Option 1: I can add you to my waitlist Join the waitlist: Option 2: I can establish your Sisterlocks and refer you to another Sisterlock Consultant to maintain your Sisterlocks. (You will be moved to the front of the waitlist). Option 3: I can connect you to one of my mentees, where I will oversee the establishment process. Establishments are likely to be scheduled middle part of 2020. Join the waitlist: Option 4: You can find another Sisterlock Consultant or Trainee by visiting the Sisterlock website. If it would be helpful, I could speak with you and give you tips for searching for a consultant/trainee. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes. Book your session today: Option 5: RYL Interlocks are a great alterative to Sisterlocks. Interlock are priced at $600. Learn more.

What if I don't want The Ultimate VIP Experience, can I still have Aymanie install/establish my Sisterlocks?

Yes. I can install your Sisterlocks but beware, you will be giving up many pampering perks which many have given astounding reviews.

What services are offered by Aymanie Nelson as it relates to Sisterlocks?

- Styling Appointments - Establishment Appointments (Sisterlocks, RYL Interlocks) - Retightening Classes (learn how to retightening your own locks) - Mentorship Program (Sisterlock Practitioners and Prospects) - Finding a Sisterlock Consultant or Trainee Coaching Call