Virtual 1-on-1 Retightening Class

Duration: 1.5hr | Cost: $319.05

In efforts to support my clients, I will offer virtual 1-on-1 retightening classes during our nationwide shutdown. Acquired skills will allow you to maintain your Sisterlocks and interlocks correctly using the appropriate locking pattern. Taking this class not only supports me during this shutdown, but it will also help me to get everyone back on track quickly once I reopen. Learned techniques will minimize repair work and shorten retighten time for each client. 

Virtual class includes:

  • Retightening Kit (will be issued post virtual class)

  • Priority booking once we reopen *

  • 6 months of support 

    • Complimentary corrections to locks and grid due to self retightening​

    • Training refreshers 


*To take advantage of this feature, you would have had to retighten at least half of your head. 


Note: If you have taken the hands-on class in person, you will receive priority booking privileges. 

Sign Up

Step 1: Order Retightening Tool


Step 2: Request Invoice

Step 3: Submit Payment

  • Submit payment via invoice

Step 4: Schedule class

  • I will contact you via email to schedule your class.

  • Once we select a date and time, I will send out your meeting invitation along with online video conferencing details

In preparation for your class:

  1. Create a free Zoom account. You'll need it when it's time to sign into your class.

  2. Select a room that has good lighting, this will make it easier for me to monitor your progress.

  3. You'll need a few hair clips and at least 4 hair elastics.

  4. You should also have a spray bottle with water handy.

  5. Have scissors nearby

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