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The Ultimate VIP Sisterlock Experience


Connecticut's highly popular and sought-after Certified Sisterlock Consultant Aymanie Nelson, is now accepting new Sisterlock and Microloc/Interlock clients. Up until recently she was booked solid but has expanded her calendar to accept new clients.

MY VIP experience with Aymanie Nelson was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Not only is Aymanie an expert at her craft, she's also a beam of positivity that radiates from her friendly smile, into her fingers, that does the intricate process of interlocking sisterlocks. 

So many wonderful, calming and personal surprises are in store for you with the VIP experience.  I recommend it a thousand times over,  with your installation of your new hair journey.


- Francine Roberts 


Wrap-A-Loc Tools

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair tool and technique that creates tight spiral curls on all hair textures.

The tool can be worn in the hair as a style when applied with water or setting lotion. 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with the Wrap-A-Loc brand.

The below video is a nice overview of what you would expect if you were to receive services from Aymanie Nelson. There have been a few changes since the recording of this video (salon name, pricing and the creation of The Ultimate VIP Experience).

Update! The cost recorded in the video is no longer accurate. The updated cost is documented in the details below. 

Essential Oils
-Scent Your Locs-
  • What is the minimum amount of money that I can invest?
    You can invest as little as $500.00.
  • Can I invest more that the minimum?
    Yes. You can invest as much as $10,000.00.
  • How much interest will I collect on my investment/loan?
    You will receive a 25% return on your investment. For example: $500.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($125.00) $600.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($150.00) $700.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($175.00) $800.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($200.00) $900.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($200.00) $1,000.00 investment/loan = 25% return ($250.00) and so on...
  • When will I receive my return (invested amount + interest)?
    You will receive your return 5 months from the date that you submitted payment.
  • Is my investment/loan guaranteed?
    Yes. This is a safe investment as I will back it personally. I (Aymanie) am fully prepared to withdraw money from my retirement fund to make good on your investment.
  • What is my investment/loan going towards?
    Your investment will be going towards a real estate venture that I will be doing with my dad who has been buying and flipping houses for several years.
  • Will I receive a reciept?
    Yes. We both will sign a contract as well.
  • Will there be other opportunities to invest?
    There will be other opportunities to invest. If you would like to receive notification be sure to subscribe to the mailing list. Note: We will first go to past investors before sharing opportunities with individuals on our mailing list.
  • I'm interested, what is next?"
    Email me ( the below details and let me know when you are available to meet to submit payment or click the "Invest Now" link. Subject: Investment Opportunity with Aymanie Include the amount you'd like to invest.


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