EasyLoc Hair Tool™

This is one of my favorite tools when it comes to self-maintaining as in self retightening my locs. 

The tool works best on hair that is 3 inches long but I have heard success stories from those who have only 2 inches.

Why do I love this tool?

  • Can be used on all types of locs

  • The curve type allows for easy navigation through the base of the loc

  • The tool has a pinched tip which helps to keep the tool securely on the loc

  • The tool goes through smoothly without snagging


  • Use tool on clean hair (wet or dry hair is okay)

  • Be gentle when handling the tool

  • Clean your tool after each use

  • Store your tool in a container with your hair clips to avoid misplacing

  • If you misplaced your tool while retightening your locs, check your hair :)

How to use the tool:

  • The below video will demonstrate how to work the tool, it will NOT show you the various locking techniques. Feel free to sign up for my Virtual 1 on 1 Retightening Class. I will guide you through the retightening process and redirect you during the class if necessary. The class is based on your locking pattern. YouTube is also an option for those you do not desire a 1 on 1 live class.

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