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Servicing clients and generating income through partnership

How will I continue to stay afloat during this global pandemic and mandatory shutdown?


How will my clients continue to have their locs cared for?


How can I help my clients with their retightening?


Will I have the time on my calendar to service all of my clients after the mandatory shutdown is lifted?


The answer is the Retightening Partner Program.  Continue to provide care and service to your clients while receiving an income source.


  • You’ve been forced to shut down (for safety reasons) and don’t have a reopen date in sight

  • Your financial bottom line is in jeopardy

  • Your clients are panicking because they need your help and can’t book time on your calendar

  • Your clients risk having their loc foundation damaged or comprised; their financial investment and your time are lost

“But, what if my clients seek services from someone else?”


“What if they search YouTube for instructional videos for their retightenings?”


While this is possible, your clients want you.  You’re their trusted loctician.  Of all of the locticians that they could have chosen, they chose you for your knowledge and care.  They’re your loyal clients.

The below video is a testimonial from one of my clients who took the retightening class. She has NO desire to self maintain her locs after this nationwide shutdown.

We’re happy to offer the Retightening Partner Program to you.

The Retightening Partner Program is a service spearheaded by Aymanie Nelson.  Like you, Aymanie recognizes the impact of the mandatory shutdown. Luckily, she is trained and equipped to see you continue to support your clients and thrive in your business. 


In the Retightening Partner Program, you’ll feel confident that your clients are taken care of while you generate income.


At this point, you’re still wondering, “how will I be able to provide my clients with the care and information they’ve grown accustomed?”

Here’s what happens when you participate in the program:

  • Your client will invest in a virtual retightening training with a qualified loctician; they’ll receive real-time instruction, pointers, and feedback on their retightening.


  • ​As a result of entrusting the program with your client, you’ll receive a financial incentive for each client that you refer to the program.  


When your clients return to you for services, because they will, their loc foundation will be in good shape and you’ll be able to return to ‘business as usual’ with little delay.

Don’t let the impact of the pandemic and the mandatory shutdown slow you down. 


Become a Retightening Partner Program member.

The information contained herein is confidential and/or proprietary.

© 2020 by Aymanie Nelson. All rights reserved.

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