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Virtual 1 on 1 Retightening Class

Consulting Services

Offer your clients a shutdown solution

The nationwide shutdown continues to impact many across the globe. When I realized I had close my salon, I predicted that my clients would not take this news well. I immediately started strategizing on my client's behalf. Like many, my clients were just as nervous about the integrity of their locs. As a highly qualified loctician, I knew I could leverage technology to empower my clients to self-maintain their locs until I reopened. As the demand grew outside of my clients, I knew I had to do something.


In efforts to support other practitioners during this mandated shutdown, I developed two programs:


Program 1 >>  Retightening Partnership Program (For those unable to offer virtual classes)

This program was designed to help other locticians who are unable to offer retightening classes. The program allows locticians to receive financial compensation when they refer clients to take our Virtual 1 on 1 Retightening Class.  Learn More


Program 2 >> VRC Consulting (For those who are able to offer virtual classes)

VRC Consulting services were developed to help other locticians who would like to offer virtual retightening classes. If you consider yourself to be a novice at teaching others how to retightening their locs, you will find this program beneficial. Scroll down to learn more.

VRC Consulting Services

Tier 1


  • How to conduct a retightening class

  • How to conduct a virtual retightening class training 

Tier 2


  • Tier 1 benefits

  • Create your virtual retightening class model (client roadmap, pricing, policies, video conference workaround free, structure)

  • Client Retightening Reference guide (my creation)

tier 3


  • Tier 1 & 2 benefits

  • 5 Graphics to promote your virtual classes

  • Landing/sales page for your clients

  • Email distribution list creation

  • Testimonials generation (video/audio/written and editing (benefit to your landing/sales page)

  • Use of my Zoom account 

  • I can teach your first class while you observe 

  • I will observe 5 classes and provide feedback 

Empower your clients

Here is what some of my clients had to say...


Thank You!!!

I appreciate you taking the time out to teach me how to retightening my locs during this statewide shutdown. Don't get too comfortable, I'm coming back.


I was overwhelmed when I learned about your salon closing due to the Coronavirus shutdown. I was so nervous that my grid and locs would be compromised. Thank you for teaching me how to retightening my locs. I'll see you when the shutdown is over.

I'm so proud of myself. I have over 500 locks, but once I got the rhythm, it was easy. Thank you for teaching me how to retighten my locs. 

-Took me 18 hours to complete my entire head-

Before Class

During Class

After Class

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