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Sisterlock + VIP Testimonial

Where do I began...

Last summer (around Aug 20th). I began to notice a shift in my life. A good shift!! I wanted something new, without compromising my natural journey I began in 2013. I began to research Sisterlocks. Because like most woman, we change our appearance as much as the weather change in New England. I reached out to a loc sister and she recommended Aymanie.  From the moment we spoke I knew that not only Maria referred her, but God placed this amazing spirit in my life. We talked, texted, DM’d, she answered questions all before my establishment.


The Ultimate VIP Experience was more than I could possible ask for. From beginning with the professionalism and education, to the amazing rewards that graces my palate. The inspiring conversation and the amazing people that were exposed to me from choosing the VIP Package was life changing and highly recommended to anyone ready to take this journey. I am 2 weeks in and in love with the future me. The current stage and the choices I made so far entering a journey I feel will reward me for years to come. I will Forever remember January 24th & 25th. All Because I was aligned with Aymanie and the love she has for her clients.  I am so excited! After my Sisterlocks were established, with in hours I was flooded with love and compliments regarding them. Only good things ahead. 

- Quiana F., 2019

I’m naturally a worry-wart, so to combat that I try to always have a plan (usually up to three). Fortunately though, the decision to start my Sisterlock journey with Aymanie felt very natural - her energy and warm smile...I wasn’t worried at all! My hair turned out just as I knew it would: perfect! However, I worried about everything ELSE that’s associated with the time it takes for the install and things I felt I would need to be comfortable. The VIP Experience washed all of that away! I had not ONE SINGLE concern or plan for that matter! That alone was extremely relaxing and comforting, but there is more!! Soooo much more - I wish could do it again! You can’t get THE install of your life and NOT get the VIP Experience! Trust’s amazing. 

- Candi H., 2018

The Ultimate VIP Experience Testimony: MY VIP experience with Aymanie Nelson was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Not only is Aymanie an expert at her craft, she's also a beam of positivity that radiates from her friendly smile, into her fingers, that does the intricate process of interlocking Sisterlocks. So many wonderful, calming and personal surprises are in store for you with the VIP experience. I recommend it a thousand times over, with your installation of your new hair journey. 

- Francine R., 2018

RYL Interlocking Testimonial

I have been a natural for most of my life, but I value my hair now more than ever. Growing up, I wore a lot of twists and braids, however I desired to have long flowing hair like my mom. While the ladies around me were getting relaxers, I was still dealing with my kinky hair and began to appreciate it less and less. In high school, I started wearing protective styles and spent less time with my actual hair. By age 17, I got my first relaxer, which was the one of the worst hair decisions of my life. About a year into relaxing, my hair was super damaged and parts of my hair were thinning out. I had my last relaxer in 2012. That same year, I went to a salon. I was supposed to get a wash and trim and one of the stylists cut almost half of my hair off. I was so traumatized and it took me a while to adjust to the new length. Wearing protective styles for the next couple years helped me to regain some confidence and by 2015, I started feeling comfortable with wearing my natural hair out. In 2016, I began wearing mini twists and flat twists with occasional protective styling. I had a friend who had Sisterlocks, and I loved how much she loved her hair. I started to consider the idea of getting locs, but I was still into styling my loose natural hair and was nervous about the commitment so I decided not to. Last year, I found myself getting frustrated with my hair again and I straightened it so much that it got heat damaged and I had to cut some off. In July of last year, I began to reconsider locs, but the funds were not available to get them. I started wearing crochet locs because I wanted to have the loc experience in some way and I definitely fell in love! I felt so confident and self aware. I am grateful that a year later in July 2018, I was finally able to get my locs installed. It has been such a blessing for me and my hair. I feel like my microlocs truly fit me and I am looking forward to where this journey will take me. It is not just hair for me, this is about self-love and appreciation for how God made me. 

- Chev W., 2018

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