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What are Sisterlocks™


Sisterlocks™ are tiny uniform locks that are style-able. They are formed using a specialized tool,  signature parting (aka Grid), and a patent technique. Unlike other locking methods, with Sisterlocks™ your hair density and curl pattern determines which locking pattern is used.

The Grid is the foundation of Sisterlocks™. Trained consultants and trainees establish Sisterlocks™ by creating precise parts (the grid). The Grid is quite essential when it comes to Sisterlocks™, you cannot have one without the other.


Sisterlocks™ offers a wide range of hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture, use of product or heat. This locking technique should only be established by a trained Sisterlock™ Consultant or Trainee, as they have undergone many hours of training.

Sisterlocks are offered as a package, which includes a consultation, establishment, Starter Kit, and a complimentary retightening (first visit).

Preparing for Consultation & Establishment


Please arrive with your hair free of products (no styling products) and washed within 72 hours and air-dried. 

Moving Forward

  1. Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call

  2. Schedule your establishment (Allocate 3 consecutive dates for Sisterlocks or 2 days for RYL Interlocks)

  3. Schedule your consultation $35 

  4. Secure your establishment dates with a non-refundable deposit of $250 on or before your consultation (Before recommended to lock in your dates.

  5. Determine if they are going to go with the standard package or the Ultimate VIP Experience. If you have opted-in for the Ultimate VIP Experience, be sure to email a list of your dietary restrictions. You do not need to bring anything to your appointment, snacks, food, and beverages will be provided.


Non-refundable Deposit

Should you need to change your establishment date, you may without penalty.

Payment Method

  • Cash 

  • Check

  • Zelle (Bank Transfer)

  • Credit/Debit (Processing fees apply)

Frequently asked questions

How often are retightening appointments scheduled?

Typically, I will see my clients every other month (6x a year).

How long do retightenings typically take?

The length of time depends on the amount of new growth. On average if repair work is not required, retightening will take: 1hr for Interlocks 2hr - 3hrs for Sisterlocks

What is the cost to maintain Sisterlocks and RYL Interlocks?

A stopwatch is used to track "active" retightening time. If we need to stop for any reason, the stopwatch is stopped as well. Sisterlock Retightening Maintenance 1-2 hrs = $126 3 hrs = $189 4hrs = $220.50 Most of my clients pay between $126 - $189 for their Sisterlock Retightenings. RYL Interlock Retightening Maintenance: 1-2 hrs = $126

Is it painful to have locks established and maintained?

Everyone's tolerance level is different. Most of my clients do not feel any discomfort. I do have a client or two who are extremely tenderheaded. My goal is to avoid you feeling discomfort, so I incorporate a few techniques to assistance when individuals feel discomfort.

What will be my daily maintenance routine?

Sisterlocks and Interlocks are low maintenance. In fact, they do not require much at all. Most will wake, shake and go. What I can say, you will gain time back once your hair is locked. During your consultation, you will receive addition tips when it comes to your new set of locks.

Do I need to purchase products?

Sisterlocks and Interlocks are offered as a package, which includes your Starter Shampoo. You will use this shampoo only when it comes to shampooing your hair, at least until you pass the slippage phase. We do recommend purchasing (2) spray bottles, one for water and the other for your shampoo.

What is the cost of Sisterlock and RYL Interlock establishments?

Sisterlock Establishments $1300 (Flat Rate, up to 6" of growth) ​​ The Ultimate VIP Experience + $300 (Optional) ​​ Sisterlock Establishments + The Ultimate VIP Experience $1,600.00 RYL Interlock Establishments $600 (Flat Rate, up to 6" of growth) In efforts to maintain transparency, you should know, not all consultants/trainees price their establishments based on a flat rate. In fact, to my knowledge, I am the only one in CT with this pricing model. Shop around to find a consultant with a pricing structure that will work best.

What would NOT make me a good candidate for getting Sisterlocks or RYL Interlocks?

Below are some reasons why you should hold off moving forward: - You are still on the fence about locking your hair. You will know when the time is right for you, there will be no doubts about it. - You will not be able to maintain your Sisterlocks or Interlocks. Your grid and locks will be compromised if you do not keep up on your maintenance.

I'm ready to move forward, what are my next steps?

Refer to the "Moving Forward" section of this webpage.


The below video is a nice overview of what you would expect if you were to receive services from Aymanie Nelson.

There have been a few changes since the recording of this video (salon name, pricing and the creation of The Ultimate VIP Experience).


What is the difference between other methods


* Statement is true if services are rendered by Aymanie Nelson.